Introduction – Part 3

The last plane I flew was this one back in June 2007.

I know someone over in Rufforth who has access to this plane and they offered to take me up.  It was a fantastic day, the weather was perfect.  Warm, sunny and no wind.  It was a little bumpy in parts as we flew through thermals but overall it was smooth.

I absolutely love to see the earth from the air.  We headed over to an airfield (I can’t remember which) about thirty minutes away.  There was some kind of event there because of the amount of traffic.  I can’t remember exactly what the event was, just a get together I guess.  We grabbed a bite to eat, watched a few planes come and go and flew back to Rufforth.  It was a fun experience.

This flight, along with the rest, just made me want to fly more.  By the time I was done with this flight I had no more than five hours flying time.  I still had my mind set on a career as an airline pilot.  I know airline flying is very different to flying for fun but it still appeals to me.  I have enjoyed every commercial flight that I’ve been on, the whole atmosphere around air travel is just so exciting.  Now that I’m sure it’s for me, let’s get started!