Magnificent Sky

An attempt to capture this evenings sunset.

My study desk is in front of a west facing sliding door and for once I could get a glimpse of the sun as it set.  My phone camera didn’t do a great job of catching the real colour.  Sunsets are one of the best things about the sky – I can’t speak much for sunrises, I’m not often around for them!

A few weeks ago I had a study week to get through as much of the thousands of pages of materials as I could.  That was then followed by a week of computer based training, a study filled weekend (and a 16lb hamburger) and then we get to this week.  The majority of it is also computer based training with a little mix up of things – using the procedure trainer, a flight management computer trainer and an exam to name a few.  On Thursday I have a technical exam which will test the knowledge I have gained in the last few weeks of study through 120 questions.  Little time is available for much else, plus it doesn’t leave much to talk about.

The Inertial Discumbobulator Has Failed to Reciprocate

As previously stated, our instrument teacher is a comedy genius and just might be one of the best teachers I have ever encountered.  He is extremely knowledgeable on his subject (as you would expect) but also on the English language.  He explains things in a terrific manner and often with much humour.  Today we were discussing the inertial navigation system and how it warns of errors and then the procedure for identifying them and correcting them.  The error he came up with was that the ‘inertial discumbobulator has failed to reciprocate’ which makes absolutely no sense but the way in which he said it just cracked me up.

What else is going on since T1’s?  We’ve finally finished propellers and made our way on to gas turbines, we’ve covered way too much AC Electric theory and nightmarish amounts of stability and control in Principles of Flight.  Other subjects such as Human Performance and Airframes & Systems are seeming to flow along nicely (or so it seems!).  Meteorology you ask?

Sunset at Eynsham Hall

Sunset at Eynsham Hall

There were some recent JAR examinations (the big ones, the real thing) recently which means some more people have left Eynsham Hall to go on to bigger and better things like Arizona and aircraft.  As far as I’m aware, there are only three of us left here now.  We’re extremely lucky, the surroundings are wonderful and the facilities are great.  The sunset picture was taken just last night and it was taken by my phone so it’s not the best.  I don’t take much time to get my ‘proper’ camera out at the moment.

All in all, things are going well here in North Leigh.  I wouldn’t have said the same thing yesterday, it was a tough one and I let it get on top of me.  Today has been far more positive and far more productive as a result.  To enable tomorrow to be as positive as possible I’m going to go and get a decent sleep.  Bye for now.

Sunsets: Natural Art

Just a wee note to let you know that I’m still around and writing.  I made another successful ferry crossing back from the Emerald Isle although the return trip wasn’t quite as smooth.  There was a considerable amount of that rocking thing going on and I had to take a break from typing a letter to a good friend so I didn’t end up making a call on the big white telephone.

I can’t believe ground school starts in little over four weeks.  It’s a most exciting thought, to know that I’ll be moving ever closer towards a career as an airline pilot.  I’m a little nervous too, it has been a long time since I’ve been in full time studies.

I took some photos a few weeks back that I thought I’d share.  The picture of the robin was perfectly timed, I was walking along the path and it landed on a branch right in front of me.  Another one did that earlier but flew off before I could get my camera ready.

Across the Irish Sea

I’m back in Ireland again!  This time I made the journey on a water craft rather than an aircraft.  Why?  It was cheaper to drive and get the ferry rather than fly and rent.  It went surprisingly well considering I’ve never been responsible for catching a ferry before.  Instead of cruising at an altitude of 24,000 feet and 400 mph we were cruising at an altitude of 0 feet and about 40 mph.

I enjoyed the crossing, I wish I had taken something to read but I still managed to pass the time by eating, talking to the Welsh couple at my table and contemplating while admiring the view.  Even though the view was almost entirely grey there was a simple beauty to it.  Occasionally you’d go past a patch where the cloud was thinner than the rest and the sun would highlight the silvery grey water.

The poor light conditions and the dirty window managed to combine to make this a poor quality image.  It doesn’t do the view justice, believe me.  Upon arrival in Dublin I made my way straight to Galway and managed to go through three, no four, different toll booths.  One to go through the port tunnell (which I didn’t want to do but once I’d taken one wrong turn I was committed), one to go down the M50 and two on the M6.  Grumble.  When I finally made it to Galway, all tolled-out, I wasted no time in getting down to Salthill to watch the sun set across Galway bay.  The show was stunning, I hope I never get bored of sunsets.

At first I thought the black and white one was pointless since the best part of a sunset is the colour but I really like the effect.  I’d like to see how it comes out in print.