Sunsets: Natural Art

Just a wee note to let you know that I’m still around and writing.  I made another successful ferry crossing back from the Emerald Isle although the return trip wasn’t quite as smooth.  There was a considerable amount of that rocking thing going on and I had to take a break from typing a letter to a good friend so I didn’t end up making a call on the big white telephone.

I can’t believe ground school starts in little over four weeks.  It’s a most exciting thought, to know that I’ll be moving ever closer towards a career as an airline pilot.  I’m a little nervous too, it has been a long time since I’ve been in full time studies.

I took some photos a few weeks back that I thought I’d share.  The picture of the robin was perfectly timed, I was walking along the path and it landed on a branch right in front of me.  Another one did that earlier but flew off before I could get my camera ready.

Ilkley Moor

Eight weeks to go now.  It’s quite a while but compared to eight years it’s not much at all.  I received all my info from BALPA the other day.  Now I just need to get some insurance sorted.  Membership with BALPA while training is free – you can join as an associate member.  They offer a small discount on insurance.  The insurance is to cover training costs if you lose your medical certificate during training.  More here.

I took a few more pictures over the weekend.  Here are some of my favourites.

Fewston Reservoir

I really enjoy being outside, a decent walk is always so refreshing.  Never a run though.  My favourite places to walk always involve water.  This weekend I went up to the nearby Fewston Reservoir.  I enjoy taking pictures too, I’m no pro though.  Most of my pictures involve the sky in some way (some may argue that it’s because the sky is  huge and is always there).  I have a fascination with the sky because of flying but also because of its magnificence.  The range of colours and the number of cloud formations are limitless.  The sky was fairly decent on this occasion.  Not the best I’ve seen but it was pretty good.

A little over nine weeks to go!  I get the feeling I’ll be taking a few more walks before then.