You’re either wondering what that is, how to pronounce it or both.  It’s easier if you break it down into smaller chunks: bromo-chloro-difluoro-methane.  Easy as pie.  It’s a type of fire extinguisher that is especially good for use on aircraft because it can be used on most types of fire that could occur – including electrical fires where water would only cause you more problems.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated.  There isn’t too much that changes about ground school – we’re studying the same subjects with the same instructors.  Something that has changed since the last update is our classroom.  Wow.  I was sceptical of the change when it was first spoken of but as soon as I saw the new room I realised it was a really good one.  It’s clean, it’s tidy, roomy and you can learn stuff in there.  What more could you want?  Plus the air conditioner is powerful enough to freeze anything you want.

School finals are just around the corner.  In two weeks they will be over and we will be on study leave to prepare for the Joint Aviation Authority exams.  I’ll admit to being rather nervous, there is still a lot to do between now and then.  The volume of information is immense.  It seems strange to be wrapping up these subjects already.  In some ways it’s seemed a long time but in others, no time at all.

I’ll update again if I find some interesting news or another crazy word but for now, I must study some more.  Take it easy.

Sunset at Eynsham Hall

Sunset at Eynsham Hall