Punk Planes, Punk Instruments, Punk Readings

CRP-5, timetable and a calculator.  What more could
a trainee pilot wish for?

Our instruments teacher is hilarious – and a very good teacher.  We’re already finishing his sentences for him.  One of his favourite is ‘you only get what you…’ ‘…PAY FOR’  comes the response from the group.  He was applying the principle in question to instrument error – manufacturing imperfections.  He then came out with the best summary ever and said: “If you’re going to fly punk planes with punk instruments then you’re going to get punk readings.”

It’s been an interesting week, I’m still coming to terms with the work load.  Some subjects are going really well and I’m finding it relatively easy to keep up with them.  Other subjects, such at Meteorology, are a different story.  I’ve reviewed some of the earlier stuff this evening and it’s making more sense now.  There is still a lot I’m yet to understand though so I’m going to have a quick chat with the instructor over lunch.

Talking of lunch, I was happily munching away on my ham sandwiches when this nice shiny jet rolled past.  That’s motivation enough to finish those sandwiches and get back to class.  Apologies for the top photo, it was taken on my iPhone in poor light conditions – not a good combination.  That’s about it for now, I’d like to tell you some more but I don’t want to bore you to death.  I’ll see if I can pull some more highlights out of ground school during the rest of the week.