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Flight Level 390

Update: This amazing blog went offline some months ago unannounced.  I sincerely hope it returns one day.  The address now redirects to a site attempting to download software.

During my quest to find out as much as I could about flying and the life of an airline pilot I came across this fantastic blog.  It gives a well written and entertaining insight into the life of a pilot in the USA.  It’s so well written that you begin to feel that you know Dave as you fly along with him in the front seat, read about the stop overs at various destinations and not to mention the days off.  A must read for anyone considering a career in the flight deck.

Flying the Big Jets
On Amazon: here

Flying the Big JetsI was given this book as a gift a while back.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve wanted to be a pilot for years.  It’s an excellent read both for those who want to be a pilot and for those who just want to know what it’s like.  After reading it you’ll probably be in the first group.

From the blurb:

Flying the Big Jets presents the facts that people want to know about the world of the big jets. How does a large aircraft fly? How long is the take-off run at maximum weight? How much fuel is carried on a transatlantic flight? How do the radios work? What aircraft maintenance is required? How often are the tyres changed? What is the life style of a pilot? The answers to these and a thousand other questions are given in sufficient details to satisfy the most inquisitive of readers. Chapter by chapter the reader is taken gently from the basics of the big jets to the sophistication of the ‘glass cockpit’ in preparation for the pilot’s seat on a Boeing 777 flight from London to Boston. Flying the Big Jets is a comprehensive book that reveals as never before the every-day working environment of the modern long-haul airline pilot.

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