OAA Skills Assessment – Day 2

Before I went to sleep on the first assessment day I checked the weather and it was forecast for snow.  I wasn’t too worried, I’ve seen snow forecast a hundred times without it actually snowing.  When the morning came I checked the weather on my phone again rather than get out of bed and look out of the window.  Current: Snow.  Hmmmm, it could actually be snowing.  I decided to see for myself rather than just trust technology and sure enough, there was more snow and it was still falling.  Not wanting to be late, I got ready in a record forty five minutes.  You’re probably thinking how that’s a record but it is for me!  While I was waiting for the car to warm up and defrost I at my ‘bowl’ of cereal that came in a breakfast bag.

The second day was supposed to kick off with the group/team building exercises but one of the guys in our group was late because of the snow.  Instead we kicked off with the interviews and I was hauled in for a grilling first.  It was more intense than I had expected but it still went well.  When they ask you to give examples of past experiences they give you plenty of time to think.  Know the course very well, they ask a lot of questions regarding the course structure and if you can’t remember something they ask about it just be honest and say that you don’t know or can’t remember rather than just making it up.  I was quite flustered afterwards, I thought I’d messed up but before long I chilled out because I knew I’d done my best.

The team building exercises and discussions we all fine.  You’re given something to talk about and then you do it.  It was quite funny, one of the topics we were given we had talked about moments earlier so we just continued where we left off.  Just make sure you both contribute and listen.  There is no input from the assessors, they just work away taking notes while you do your thing.

Finally, after what seemed like a really really long time came the individual debrief, the bit we had been waiting for since we began the assessment the day before.  I was hauled in first and before I could sit down he said: How do you feel now that you’re in?  I thought, in what?  The room?  It finally clicked, I was being told that I had passed the assessment!  I said:  You mean I passed the assessment?  Yes, congratulations!  It took a moment to skink in, especially since the previous night I had convinced myself that I had messed up.  Not a good thing to do, I don’t recommend it.  He then took me through a break down of each of the areas of the assessment.

To finish up I was taken downstairs and shown what to do next eg medical etc and then given a list of upcoming start dates.  I was absolutely over the moon.  I was dreading being told to come back in three months because it would mess up my schedule.  I think I would have done it but I really didn’t want to.  I’m amazed at how well things have worked out.  The assessment process was hard but it was also enjoyable.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer bunch of people to work with.

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  1. Hey Mattie, a great blog. You’ll be the third pilot I knew personally. One guy is so lovely, in his 80’s now, set not one by three planes down in the drink, wings level and time to get out and release his life raft, a real live hero like Sullenberger in the Hudson last year. Once in Korea, the Korean war, and twice in Nam. The other is a lady pilot who writes about Amelia Earhartd. It’s like this, kiddo, just write. You tell the story well, and that’s what’s important! Carm

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