Post Exam Debrief – or Relief?

My three-day weekend.

Last weekend was the run up to the first school tests, aptly named Test 1’s.  As previously mentioned (I think), these tests are to see how we’re doing and how well we’re receiving the ‘stuff’ being taught.  The three-day weekend was a life saver, I don’t know how I would have covered all that I wanted to without it.  Notice how there isn’t a book in sight in the picture?  No comment.

Runway parallel with the coast, crosswind due to sea breeze.

Super cool diagram.

Above is one of my super cool diagrams.  Probably one of the best I have ever done.  The thing is, they don’t really need to be so detailed.  I was trying to visualise which way the crosswind would be coming from when approaching in a particular direction.  Notice how I put the wrong approach on first!  Like I say, they don’t need to be so detailed, I was just looking for a way out of answering more questions.

Drawings help you out in a number of subjects – instruments, meteorology, and some systems stuff too.  I used drawings in many of my recent tests, I’m certain they earned me a good few marks.  I’m not quite ready to publish my results to the entire world, it is sufficient to say that I did well enough to not have to see the chief ground instructor or be thrown off the course.  I’m relieved, I worked really hard over the last six weeks.  I was worried that I wouldn’t get the grade I expected because I wasn’t sure what I would do differently to improve.  So, relief all round.  I’m going to have to keep up that pace to maintain (and hopefully improve) my score throughout the next six weeks.

Sunday Lunch

Here’s one I made earlier.

It’s important to eat well when you’re working really hard, hopefully that is common knowledge.  I don’t make a Sunday lunch everyday, but it does make a nice treat on a Sunday afternoon when there’s a bit more time to make one.  I’m a cheat, I think everything on the plate was frozen an hour before the photo was taken.  Everything except the gravy that is, that was still powder.

My family were down for the weekend, that was most enjoyable.  Had they been down the previous weekend I would hardly have seen them.  There was much good food to be had over the weekend too.  The weather was amazing and I had no studying to do.  All this combined made for a wonderful weekend.  Now…back to work!

9 thoughts on “Post Exam Debrief – or Relief?

    • The exams weren’t too bad, some were harder than others. I was expecting some of them to be easy and they turned out hard and some that I expected to be hard turned out easier (nowhere completely easy!). Exams always seem to surprise me like that.

      I passed four and and technically failed one by only 1%. The pass grade is 75%. The majority of the class did well, but each of us has at least one subject that needs a lot more work doing on it. It’s very difficult to fail at this stage, you’d have to do very badly before the school took action such as assigning you to another course so you had time to go over the material again. Hope this helps!

  1. William has just been with your dad and gave me your blog. I have found it so interesting. It reminds me of something else I have been reading recently but there isn’t a semi colon in sight! I found it very difficult to not proof read.

    You certainly have your nose to the grindstone and it is no good telling you to ease off. I know your determination will see you through. Lots of people have asked after you so now I will be able to tell them how you are. Your dad is very taken with where you are. He says it is beautiful.

    Now I have found you I will keep in touch. Like with the book, I await the next chapter.

    • Margaret! So good to hear from you, sorry I’ve done such a poor job at keeping in touch. My friend and I really have the best deal on accommodation, it’s a treat. It’s the most intense study I have ever done but it’s going to be worth it soon enough. I’ll give you a call/email ASAP, hope you’re well.

  2. Rick Johnson is wondering what happens when you fail an exam? Do the airlines see all the results?

    Slick Rick over and out! 😀

    • Roger that! The airlines don’t see all the results, the usually only see your official examinations by the JAA (Joint Aviation Authority) but can request school finals if they really want to but I don’t think that’s too common.

  3. Rick Johnson believes they will see all the results and be very critical of the first few tests as these would show smartness!

    Rick Johnson is also wondering if it is possible to pass the examinations with minimal efforts?

    Slick Rick over and out! 😀

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