As air temperature increases, density…?

Air temperature and density is most important to the aviator.  On Monday the temperatures rocketed to levels I didn’t know were possible for the UK in mid summer, never mind May.  The thing is, I wasn’t doing any aviating so all it did for me was ensure I got frostbite from the air conditioner in the classroom.  It also made me enjoy my lunch too so that’s two things.

Last week I was two weeks away from T1’s, now there is only one week to go.  I’m not as wound up about it, there’s no need to be.  There has been an improvement in Principles of Flight; Meteorology too but there’s still a long way to go.  The rest of the subjects are going quite well, the pace is still rapid and there is a lot to remember but they are not quite as complicated.  Human performance is the least complicated and is just based on remembering stuff – including how the memory works!

Recently, in Instruments, we started looking at gyroscopes.  I knew they were cool and all that but I didn’t know how cool.  It turns out that they are extremely useful.  I finished off my studies this evening by answering some questions on gyro wander.  I was going to offer a decent explanation as to what gyro wander is but it’s really late and I can’t get my head round it enough to do so.

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