The Wonders of Subsonic Airflow

How many times have you stepped onto an aircraft and wondered about the subsonic airflow that would occur over the surfaces of said aircraft?  I think the answer is highly likely not many.  It’s okay though, I hadn’t thought about it either before this week.  The first I heard of it was in ground school.  It’s all very interesting but at the same time quite complicated – you know, the kind of stuff that never goes in first time.

This week we have begun studying the principles of flight along with six other subjects.  Those other subjects are:  DC Electrics, Airframes, Instruments, Human Performance, Piston Engines and Meteorology.  I don’t have a picture of those book because they are scattered around my room and some are in my flight case.  Take a look at the following picture and imagine twice the amount of books.

That pretty much sums up my life for the next six months.  The pace is rapid, in some of the books we have already covered more than sixty pages.  I’m determined though, I haven’t made it this far by chance.  With it being a bank holiday today I had the day off school.  Normally that would be cause for a celebration but in this case it was cause for more study.  I really needed the time, I don’t know how I’m going to get through the work next weekend in just two days.  I’m sure it’ll be fine, hundreds of others have somehow managed it.

5 thoughts on “The Wonders of Subsonic Airflow

  1. Interesting read… but don’t work too hard this early.
    You’ll burn yourself out and trust me, theres a lot more to come!

    • Cheers Sam, I do need to relax a little! I’ve found myself spending loads of time on Principles of Flight and Instruments and then the rest gets neglected. Can you give any tips on how you found a good balance?

  2. I can see why.. it’s all a bit of a mind boggle in the early days and it’s great to have a positive work attitude, I was probs one of the hardest workers on my course, but you just need to be careful of burning yourself out or getting yourself ill before you get to the really important ones!

    As for a good balance, I can’t really remember how I decided when and what to study.
    I didn’t normally make notes though, it was more a case of reading it and trying to grasp the concepts, with one of two subjects a night I suppose! Study gets easier towards the exams as you can actually hammer the questions so you have a clearer way of getting stuff done!

    The first few weekends are the ones to enjoy though, we had parties etc. You wont get much time for the rest of the course, as the workload creeps up (but is managed well so it doesn’t really seem like you’re working harder!).

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