Oxford Aviation Academy Open Day

On 5th December I went down to Oxford for one of their open days.  From the OAA website, this is what the open days consist of:

A typical open day consists of a Seminar Presentation delivered by one of our Directors, and an opportunity to tour our ‘state of the art’ training centre including:

  • Ground School Department
  • Centre for Career Development
  • PA28 and PA34 training aircraft
  • Instrument Flight Training Centre
  • Langford Hall of Residence (on request)
  • Boeing 737 and CRJ-200 Jet Simulators
  • VIDA Health & Fitness

So there we have it.  This time round I didn’t do everything on the list but I have done it before about three years ago.  The training centre is indeed very well equipped.  It’s important not to judge by just the facilities.  Speak to the staff and the students to get a better feel for the place – both are available at the open days.  This time was also a little different from last time in the way that this time I was looking at training within the next few months rather than the next few years.  I also booked a place on the January 12&13th skills assessment.  I thought it may be a bit too soon and as the date for the assessment drew nearer and nearer I was convinced that it was way too soon.  Find out how it went in my next post.

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