Visit to PTC – Waterford, Ireland

On 26th November I went down to Waterford to meet the team and tour the facilities of the Pilot Training College.  I also had a sim check as a final part of the assessment.  The purpose of the sim check is not to see how good you are at flying – it’s to see if you’re teachable.  The instructor gives you instructions: fly to this height and this heading and then you follow them.  They tell you everything you need to know in order to do that; after all, this is a course designed for those with very little or no flying experience.  We were in their FNPT II simulator – more info here.  The time in the simulator was fantastic.  The visuals were very good and the realism of the flight controls was impressive.  Even though it wasn’t a motion simulator it was a very realistic experience.

They were happy with the sim check so we had a look at the rest of the facilities.  The staff are all very pleasant and helpful.  Before committing to anything I decided I would go to the Oxford open day and take an assessment with them as well.  More details in the next few posts.

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