Post A Day 2013 Resignation

Well there we have it.  We’re 21 days into 2013 and I managed just three posts.  I enjoyed the few posts I did and I still would like to continue but I have discovered that I just don’t have the time.  I’ll have to find another way to post regularly that fits in with my schedule.  That’s all for now, hopefully I’ll be back before too long with something more interesting.  But then again, if I’m not blogging about the post-a-day subject, what will I blog about?

4 thoughts on “Post A Day 2013 Resignation

  1. My beloved friend Matt,

    It has been 8 years this month since I met you in Nauvoo. I accidentally found this blog page of yours today!!! July 9, 2014. I have noticed that you haven’t posted anything in a year and a half,, so I do hope all is well with you. I read your July 21, 2006 blog and had to smile that you brought me some food as I was working on the pageant site. Also my privledge in showing you and your family around on the golf cart. I then knew that I would probably never see you and the work crew again, I think of you and those others alot. I mean alot!!. I was talking to my wife about you just yesterday, and out of the blue, I found your blog site just today for the first time. I am well and am hopeful that you see this note to you. Please contact me.

    Layne Bird
    Idaho Falls, Idaho..USA
    Nauvoo Pageant 2006

    • Layne! What a delightful surprise to hear from you. I’ve just had a look at the post you referred to and it brings back wonderful memories. I can’t believe 8 years have passed already. Life moves at an incredible pace. I’m so glad you found the blog post, I knew I kept it up there for a reason. I keep another blog about my flying ( so this one has been somewhat neglected!

      Thanks for the email address, I’ll be in touch with a decent summary of the intervening years ASAP. My best regards to you and your family. I hope your daughter forgave you for taking the teddy to Nauvoo! My Mum, Dad and two of my siblings are in Nauvoo right now to see both the British Pageant and the Nauvoo Pageant performed. How I’d love to be there. My work schedule just doesn’t allow it. But still, the memories I have of the two summers I spent there are some of the most treasured memories I have.

  2. I just saw your reply to me today. 10-8-14. I am so glad to hear from you. If you have emailed me, I somehow didn’t get it. Please try again and list my name as a topic. Who knows, maybe it went to spam mail.. I dunno?

    Great to hear that you are doing well in life. Still hopeful to reconnect with you.

    Bongo the bear is well. He is siting in the rocking chair by our bed with the Nauvoo pageant name tag still on him.

    Take care,


    • Layne,

      I am so sorry. I hadn’t yet sent the email. You should now have an email entitled ‘The Last Eight Years’ in your inbox. I hope my essay of a response make some sense to you.

      Very much looking forward to hearing how you and your family are doing.

      All my very best,

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