12/12/2012 Geocache Find – St. Doulagh’s, Dublin

A while back, on the Latitude 47 Geocaching Blog, there was an invitation to ‘join in a celebration of numbers and all those who count themselves as geocachers.’   Well I don’t know how good I am at celebrating numbers but I definitely count myself as a geocacher and always like a good excuse to go and find a cache.

Currently I’m working from Dublin airport and by chance, 12/12/12 has fallen on one of my standby days so I could get out during the hours of daylight and find a cache.  I’m currently staying at a hotel and don’t have access to a car.  The nearest geocaches required me to cross a motorway, something that I wan’t willing to do so I looked east and found a cache called St. Doulagh’s.  Only being about 4 km away (line of sight) I decided that I could make it.  The route I took turned out to be some where in the region of 5.8 miles (9.3 km) which isn’t too bad.

When I arrived I saw a car and a work van and thought ‘Oh no! I’ve walked all this way and won’t get chance to find it.’ I approached the church and they were working on fitting some new doors so I headed round the back to start my search. Fortunately they kept busy enough with the doors for me to find the cache and sign the log. I then went for a look inside this amazing building. On my way out, one of the workmen asked if I’d been upstairs and when I said I hadn’t he took me on a quick tour through all the narrow passageways and spiral staircases up the tower.

It was a brilliant adventure that I wouldn’t have had had it been for geocaching.  See pictures below, they’re not amazing because they were taken on my iPhone 3GS.  Should start carrying my ‘proper’ camera around more often!

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