Gargantuan Portions

I was over in the States recently and after an enjoyable family event, we went to celebrate at Leatherby’s Ice Cream.  I’d already had a lunch of fairly epic proportions at Thanksgiving Point and so was looking for something that would hit the spot while not over-doing it.  I scanned the menu and came to this delicious looking section:

Leatherby's Menu

Innocent looking enough isn't it?

I thought the pictured sundae was to give me an idea of what I would be getting and so settled on Jill’s Cookie Concoction (apologies for the small print, it’s the best I could get).  I didn’t really like the sound of ‘arcadia avalanche’ and so settled on the two scoops of cookies & cream.  Note the word scoops.  A few minutes later, this is what arrived (I ate the cherry before I took the picture):

Jill's Cookie Concoction

Dear reader, what is the difference between a scoop and a boulder?

What is that!?  It’s a monster.  What are those?  Boulders of ice cream.  Do I have to eat it?  Yes.  I really was most surprised to have this delivered after seeing the sundae on the menu.  Not wanting to miss such an epic opportunity, I got to work.

Almost there...

Some time later, it's 'Justification O'Clock'

It’s okay, I ordered ice cream, I ate the ice cream.  But what about the cookie?  Yeah, what about it?  You haven’t eaten it.  I know.  You can’t leave that now!  Okay.  Gets back to work….I do have to note though, during the demolition that occurred on said ‘sundae’, I managed to get ice cream on the new suit I was wearing for something like the fourth time.  I was supposed to be wearing it for my brother’s wedding just three days later.  Fortunately, someone invented dry cleaners and the story goes no further.  Oh yeah, I was really annoyed about that way it happened too.  It didn’t just fall off the spoon, that would have been okay and down to my own carelessness but that’s not how it happened.  See that giant cookie?  Is started in one big piece.  I couldn’t fit it in my mouth all at once so I decided to break it up.  I was expecting it to be soft but it was a bit of a tough cookie so I proceeded to jab it with my spoon until it gave way.  Eventually it did give way and in doing so, blasted the ice cream that was sitting underneath it down my front and up my sleeve.  Brilliant.


Jill's Cookie Concoction: 0 - Matt: 1

So there we have it.  I won, gained some weight and felt pretty pleased about it.  Portions in America are generally much larger than those in England.  Be careful what you wish for!

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