Woo Hoo!

Good news! My pageant guidebook has arrived amongst other bits of information. I now know almost everything I need to. The one main question still remains: How do I pay?! We’re working on it though, just takes time. Now I have my informaion, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s all very interesting, everything has been sorted out to the finest detail.

Along with the guidebook, I’ve received a number of forms that need filling in – my next job. I’ll get them filled in as soon as I can and sent back to the appropriate places. I have already got my flights booked and my tickets have arrived. For those who are interested, I’ll be flying from Manchester to Chicago with British Midland International. I’ve been on one of their A330’s (an A330 is an Airbus A330 (an Airbus A330 is a large aircraft!)) and it was very nice and also very new. I hope it’s the same way after a few years. Airlines are usually very good at keeping them tidy. Another bonus is the fact that you get your own personal TV screen so you can choose what to watch and if you acutally want to see what’s ahead of/below the plane, you can check the cameras mounted on the outside of the plane. I can’t remember which airline I will be flying with for the internal flights but I’ll find out and let you know. If I can find some pictures of the A330 on the BMI website I’ll put them in the photos section.

Check out www.airliners.net for more pictures of it. I didn’t want to copy them off there as it specfically says not to! It’s easy to find them though, very easy search function.

I need to get going now! I’ll continue to keep you updated.

Matt Midgley

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