Less than two weeks!

Wow! Not long at all now. Feels strange for some reason. I’m still very excited though. I was contacted earlier this week by the Pageant Public Relations Coordinator. Here is what was said:

“Dear Matt,

I am writing a press release about volunteers who are coming to Nauvoo to serve in the Pageant. I would like to mention those who are coming further distances than most. Would you be able to send me a quote to include in the release about why you decided to come at your own expense all the way from the United Kingdom to be in the Pageant Work Crew? Any comments you’d care to make will be appreciated.

We are putting together a media kit, which will be distrubuted to local and area press, newspapers in the West, and used for our media day here in Nauvoo on July 6. We are inviting about 100 members of the press to come to Historic Nauvoo for a press conference; a special presentation by some of the lead actors and David Warner, the Pageant artistic director; and a catered luncheon in The Groves just north of the Pageant site.

I’d appreciate it if you could get back to me by Wednesday, May 31 with your comments. Thanks so much. We look forward to having you join us for the wonderful Nauvoo Pageant! You’re in for a treat!

******** ****
Promotions, Events & Public Relations
Nauvoo Pageant”

(I starred out the name because I haven’t contacted the person in question about putting their name on my site.)

I thought that was really cool. So, I wrote my response and sent it back. I’m sure there are many others wanting to know why I’m doing it so my response is this:

I found out about the Pageant and the Work Crew Vacancies after my Mum noticed a small section on the lds.org homepage. After reading all about it I thought ‘Wow, what an opportunity that would be’. I was very luck to find out then because the date for applications had already been extended and there were only two days left. Fortunately, I managed to get my application in on time. After quite some time, I got the email I had been waiting for: ‘Nauvoo Pageant Work Crew Application – Accepted’. I was pleasantly surprised that I was still able to participate even though travelling from so far away.

Why did I jump at the opportunity? I will be 18 by the end of July which menas I’ll be 19 in just over a year. I applied because I would love the opportunity to serve as a missionary before my full time mission. After reading about last years experiences and the missionary orientated schedule, I thought it would be a great experience and ‘practice run’ for my mission. I will be finishing my college course in computer technology days before I leave for Nauvoo. Had I not ben going to Nauvoo, I would have spent my summer relaxing before getting a job in September to earn some money for my mission. I decided serving in Nauvoo would be a much better, useful and experience gaining way to spend my time.

Less than two weeks now!

Bye for now,

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