56 Hours and Counting…

According to timeanddate.com, it’s 56 hours until I leave home for America. It says it’s rounded down aswell but I can’t be bothered to calculate it myself! My excuse is that I’m busy, I’m tired, it’s late, I’ve been doing lots of work AND I learned how to iron a shirt today.

I haven’t written for a while so theres lots to tell. First of all, I have a rough outline of my daily schedule:

7.00am – Breakfast
—Practice all morning—
12.00pm – Lunch
1.00pm-2.00pm – Study Class
—Assignments/Additional Practices in the afternoon—
5.00pm – Dinner
6.00pm – Devotional before pre-show activities
8.45pm – Pageant Start
10.30pm-11.00pm – Time to go to bed

I’m sure this will vary. I’ll keep you as up-to-date as I can.

On Tuesday 6th June, the Wharfe Valley Branch of the Leeds England stake had a mini seminary graduation. This is because I will be away for the official one. It was very nice and still fealt great. I’ve added some photos here.

On Tuesday 13th June, the Branches’ Young Mens and Young Womens groups held a surprise party for me! I couldn’t believe it! It really was a nice surprise, I had absolutely no idea. The original plan was to go to Huddersfield for a dance practice for the seminary graduation. I was convinced that that was what we were doing because my young mens leader called on Sunday and asked if I was going and I said yes. On Tuesday, I asked if he needed help with getting people there and he didn’t. I didn’t think much of it, but I thought it we might not all fit in if I didn’t take a car. Well, it came to the time to go to Huddersfield and I got a text message saying he’d be 15 minutes late. I’ve only just realised this minute why! It’d be too early to go to our normal activity at the arranged time to go to Hudderfield! So, he delayed it! I’m very touched that this was planned down to the finest detail.

Anyways, I arrive at the Chapel and am asked if I’m ready to dance. I replied ‘I’d do it but I’m not really in the mood’. Going a little further down the corridor, I’m ushered into a side room where the surprise party had been setup. I was massively surpriesd! I just want to emphasise how pleasantly surprised I was and how much I appreciate the effort that was put into it. The purpose of the party was to say farewell for my trip to Nauvoo, my 18th birthday because I’m away for it and it was my last Tuesday night activity.

It went really well. It started out with me giving an explanation of what I would be doing in Nauvoo and me answering any questions people had. It made me think I should write a Q&A section. I’ll try my best to get one online asap. We then went on to eat food, socialise and do whatever we wanted. One of my favourite games was one that involved a large ammount of flour. The idea was a large bowl packed to the top with flour. This was then turned upside down and put on a plate (it takes quite a lot of skill to get it out of the bowl and onto the plate without it breaking). Then, a coin is placed on top. After that, all participants take a turn at slicing a chunk away from the lump of flour. The person to make the lump of flour with the coin perched on top fall would have to retrieve it out of the pile of flour – with their teeth! Mmmmmmmmm tasty. I’ll get the two unfortunate people who had to do this to tell you how vile and disgusting it was.

Well, it’s now 00:47 15th June. So little time left – shame I have to waste some of it sleeping. I best get going.


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