Hmmm, where did those 56 hours go?

As the title of this post suggests, I’ve run out of time! After being awake for 23 hours (woke up at 7:00am GMT on the 17th) I’ve ended up in Independence, Jackson County. It was a great journey, seemed to go really quick. I can’t believe an 8 hour plane ride seems quicker than a maths lesson – but today I proved it. It didn’t seem like 8 hours at all. he first flight was very nice but I was stuck in the middle seat of the midle aisle. Again, not the end of the world because the person next to me was very nice and super willing to leave their seat so I could get out to go to the lav. The main downside was that you couldn’t see out of any windows. I did have the personal screen with the outside cameras but it’s not quite the same.

After landing in Chicago, I had 45 minutes to get through customs and get on my next plane. I got to customs and it was fairly quick. The guy at the desk was unfamiliar with the Nauvoo Pageant so I had to explain what it was. I then picked up my baggage, dropped it off again about 20 meters away and ran to the nearest train station.

I got the train to terminal 1 and got off only to find myself in an enormous checking in hall. I quickly looked at a board and it said my flight was a F4 in terminal 2. So, I ran all the way to terminal 2, stopping on route for a security check. I get to the gate and see that it’s not mine! I kindly asked where my gate was. It was back in terminal 1!!! I ran back to terminal 1 and found the correct gate only to find they hadn’t started boarding even though the flight was due to leave in 15 minutes. It would be quite difficult to leave without a plane aswell. We eventually took off about half an hour after we should have arrived in St. Louis. Was a nice, short flight, only about 40 minutes. I did manage to see out of the window a bit this time.

Walking off the plane, I felt a huge blast of heat. It was quite a shock as the plane was air conditioned. As soon as I’d left the jetway (the moving tunnel thing you walk down to get on the plane) I saw Kelly, a friend of the family. It was a nice surprise as I didn’t expect to see him until I’d got my baggage. It took a while to get the baggage, I was one of the last ones. I thought it hadn’t made it as I was so late in Chicago. Fortunately, it did. I would have been pretty miffed if it hadn’t made it. Anyways, we went outside to wait for the shuttle to the car hire place.

I haven’t got a picture yet, but our hire car is rather nice. It must be nearly new as it’s in such good condition. It’s good that is was nice because we had a 220 mile ahead of us. It must be the quickest 220 mile journey I’ve ever had in a car. It went really quick. I wish they all did. About 3/4 of the way there, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel restourant at around 3am GMT 18th June. It was only 9pm on the 17th of June for us. I don’t actually know which time zone we’re in. It’s -6 hours anyway. We then finished the journey and stopped at a Best Western Hotel for the night. Very impressive. Even better, it has WiFi so I can email you all. I’ll be back! You can’t get rid of me that easily.


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