Matt Has Melted – Show’s Over

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Matt has melted almost completely so I’m having to write his post for him. It seems that the Matt is not built to withstand temperatures above 30C. Today, it reached 90F which (according to google) is around 32C.

On a slightly more serious note, it isn’t all that bad! Probably because I’ve spent most of the day in air conditioned buildings, cars or in shade. I woke at around 7am and couldn’t get back to sleep so I checked emails and chatted to a few people on MSN for a bit. I eventually went to get my breakfast. Today, I had two bowls of cheerios – double my normal. I went back upstairs and got ready to go out and then Kelly said he would be going for breakfast so I went downstairs and had another bowl of cheerios – tripple my normal. How unusual. I’m never really much of an eater but today I did really well! (Some would definately NOT call that doing really well).

We then headed out to downtown Independence. Here there are a few sites such as the RLDS Temple and Liberty Jail. If you look at the pictures section you should be able to find a few. I will add more as time permits. The RLDS Temple was very interesting. We were shown around the main areas including the main auditorium. It was very very nice and the inside of the spiral spire is made to look like a shell. There was also someone practicing for an organ recital. The shape of the room made it have incredible acoustics and the organ sounded more fantastic. After visiting the LDS visitors centre and the site of the first daylight bank holdup, we headed over to liberty jail.

Liberty Jail was a very moving experience. After heraing about it’s history and the events that led up to the incident, we were shown into the room containing the remnants of the building. The woodwork has been reconstructed but the outer walls are original. During the presentation, the lights were turned off and you began (only began) to undertand what the inmates had to go through. I say began because it was a matter of minutes and it was a nice air conditiond room. Joseph Smith and others had to endure hours of darkness and unimagineable cold.

In the evening, I had the opportunity to go an meet one of Kellys friends way out in the countryside. It was new for Kelly aswell as he had never been to his friends house due to schedule clashes etc. We arrived early evening and sat down for a drink. After a good long talk about so many subjects, we went out to eat. How far do you usually travel when you go out to eat? It was so far out in the countryside, it was at least 30 minutes before there was ANYWHERE to eat out. I can’t remember what type of place it was (there were lots of Pasta dishes) but I wouldn’t eat much! For those of you who don’t know, I’m incredibly fussy with my food. It’s difficult to find someone who is more selective than me. The best bit comes next.

It was almost dark when we left the restourant so after a 30 minute drive, it was properly dark when we got back to the house. We were standing outside talking when I suddenly saw a flash of light go past me. I originally thought it may have been a shooting star but then I thought they never look that close. I then saw more, some close, some futher away in the trees. After realising that they must be normal, I asked about them. They turned out to be glow bugs – my new, all time favourite bug. If I rightly remember, they feature in ‘The Clangers’ – a really cool kids show I (cough cough) used to watch.

The next cool thing about the countryside were the genuine sounds. I say genuine because you always hear them in movies or other video clips and it sounded exactly the same – the constant noise of Crickets. I thought it was really cool. It just added to the atmosphere. Unfortunately, there is no way to capture it. You can only experience it fully by being there. The other genuine sound was a frog! The coundtryside is so peaceful and quiet – so quiet that we could hear a frog not too far off from where we were standing. I just though it was great.

I then slept all the way back to the hotel and got a good nights rest.

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