Matt Has Melted – 2

I didn’t know what to call this post but it’s similar to the last to I used a similar name.

Today (19th) was similar to the previous day. I can’t remember how many bowles of cereal I had though. After breakfast, we loaded the car with our luggage as we wouldn’t be returning to the hotel.

We visited a variety of sites including Far Wast, Adam-ondi-Ahman and Hauns Mill. Unfortunately, I can’t remember them all right now. I’ll have to review my pictures so I can be a little more detailed.

I will mention Adam-ondi-Ahman and Hauns Mill specifically. First, Hauns Mill. I don’t know all the detials, but a long time back when the saints were in the area, there was an event called the Huns Mill Massacre. This is where the saints and a large mob clashed and a number of the saints were slaughtered. It was a very interesting experience. I don’t know how to describe it really. It was strange being in the area where such a terrible thing happened. There are no remnants of the mill or any other buildings whatsoever. There may be underground, but I couldn’t see any. A creek runs by where the mill would have stood and runs round the corner of land where the town would have been. It was very nice weather and the creek was gently flowing by. It made it even harder to imagine what it would have been like. One last thing I want to mention. Off all the display signs I’ve seen at historic sites, it really shocked me to see that this one had been shot many times. Kelly didn’t think it was in any way related but I really don’t know. It may have been some kids fooling around but what a coincidence that it was at a site where such a terrible thing involving guns happened. (The sign had been shot with some air gun. I’ll show you a pic when I can get the picture section working again.)

Secondly, Adam-ondi-Ahman. Another place that is hard to describe exactly how you felt. It was a very special experience to see where very historic events had happened and even the Nephites and the Lamanites from the Book of Mormon had been there. It was amazing to be in the place where they had been after reading all about it in the Book of Mormon.

I’ll get pics online asap! Now to Nauvoo!

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