Woo Hoo – Nauvoo!

Hmmm, right. I don’t know where to start. I arrived in Nauvoo on Monday 19th at around 8:30pm. It’s now Wednesday 21st at 11pm. So much has happened/been done since I arrived, it feels like we have been here for a lot longer (not a bad thing though).

I’ll cover as much as I can in the time I have without writing pages and pages. If I ever see a huge body of text, I usually avoid it! Like I siad, I arrived in Nauvoo on Monday. The final minutes of the journey were very exciting and the final corner was even better. As soon as we went round it, there was the Temple – starting to glow orange in the beautiful sunset. Again, pictures asap! I found who I needed to speak to and got my room key. I unpacked as fast and neatly as I could so I could spend the remaining time getting to know the other work crew members. Things went better than expected, we were talking until 2am. This would normally be fine; but not when you’re waking up at 6am. 4 hours is way less than I need! Ideally, I would have 8 hours sleep.

At 6am, we were woken up. The thing is, for the first I don’t know how many minutes/seconds, I was sub-conciously listening to someone knocking on a door. I didn’t think anything of it and carried on listening. I don’t know how long it had been going on but I somehow (I don’t know what triggered it) suddenly realised someone was knocking on my room door! I said I was awake and the knocking went away. I quickly got dressed and found someone to talk to. We had to go out into the carpark and start unloading a huge truck with two freight containers on it. We got started straight away. We only unloaded the front one and it was mainly props and clothes. At 7, we went for breakfast.

For breakfast, I had a good sized bowl of cereal and 1 or 2 glasses of chocolate milk. The chocolate milk in America is better than most available in England. The closest I have found is at Tesco. After breakfast, we went down to a barn owned by the church. There was a huge mound of stage that needed uncovering. Before we could do this, we had to hack down a forest of weeds. This was fine appart from the number of bugs in it. The other thing is that a bunch of Racoons have been living in this pile of stage. If you want the slightest idea of what it smells like, get 10 rabbits and put them in a small hutch. Don’t clean the hutch for at least a month – disgusting. If you would like a sample of Racoon excrement, I’m sure we could arrange for some to be sent. However, it’s very smelly and I don’t recommend it.

To cut things short (*I’ll explain below), we worked on this mound for most of the day. It took several hours to  just uncover the mound and evict any huge creepy crawlies. We went back and forth with a huge Semi (articulated truck, flatbed) loading and unloading the stage pieces at each location. We eventually finished at 10pm. That’s a long time to be out and about in raging heat.

I havent yet really discussed my thoughts/fellings so far about being in Nauvoo. Here is goes: It’s fantastically amazing. There is still so much to take in. I love being here. There is a lot of work and it’s hard in the heat but it is so worth it, especially as we are now seeing it come together.

*Okay, time is passing quickly. We’re working very very hard to get things sorted in time. I’m trying to include as much detail as possible for both mine and your benefit. When evening finally comes around, you’re too tired to do much! I’ll leave it there for today and update as soon as I can. I’ve been having a quick look at the photo section while writing this but I’m still having problems. How annoying. I’ll add to this post to cover today (21st) and if time permits, write a separate post for tomorrow. I don’t want to neglect my personal emails or jornal writing (already behind) but I really want to do this aswell. On the last day here, I’ll finally have it in perfect equilibrium.

Feel free to ask questions, it may help me write better/jog my memory

***Notes about today***

-Wake at 6
-Work for an hour on trucks
-More work on the trucks
-Pressure washing stage pieces
-Lunch and other eating times
-Afternoon class
-Setting up stage
-Discussing stage plan

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