Work, Eat, Sleep, Email

I’m back and still in good condition. Still with all parts originally assembled with. Today overall has been fantastic. Super, super cool. So, here we go:

Today started at 4:30am when I heard a thunder storm. The windows were wide open so it was really really loud – just how I like it. Some were so loud they made me jump even though I was expecting it. I also like the ones that aren’t necessarily loud but have this really deep cracking sound. It sounds like the sky is splitting in two. Kind of like a tree breaking but much louder and more impressive. I just find thunderstorms absolutely fascinating. Another member of the work crew said they had heard the storm as early as 2:30am. It lasted until 7:00am while we were having breakfast.

After breakfast, we headed out to the field where the pageant will be held. We were starting to assemble the stage. All we had done yesterday was get 3 flat frames and laid them on the grass. Today, it’s much more impressive. We’ve spend all day on it but theres still plenty more to do. I will try and get a picture first thing tomorrow so you can see what we accomplished today.

I won’t go into detail about the construction process as it would be hard to understand without the pictures. What I do want to mention is how great the team spirit is. It’s so fantastic that we have all got along so well right from the start. Every day we get to know eachother a little more and become a better team. Things are going great. I’ve discovered that any work can be fun as long as you make an effort to help eachother at every opportunity and have a good team spirit. This helps so much when the weather is raging hot and it’s harder to work.

Today, the weather cleared up but stayed very overcast. This was very very good for us because if it had been any warmer, the work would have been more difficult.

Our schedule is very basically work, eat, sleep and contact family/friends. It’s generally all we do. I’m not in the least bit complaining. I love every minute of it. I’m trying to make the most of every minute I have here because I know it will pass by quickly. I do miss everyone at home, but I’m trying to make the most of this trip and keep stuck into the work. (I hope that doesn’t sound bad!) Regular contact with home is great for me, I hope it is for them.

Bye for now,

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