We’re not called a work crew for a joke!

Now you have this post, you’ll know I survived another day! I’m not saying survive because I hate it and want to come home, I survived on the very little sleep I had. Today was another 6am start, only 5:15 hours of sleep. Not enough from me, and definately not enough for the ammount of work we are doing for the length of time we are doing it.

It’s now a few days later while I’m writing this post so I can’t remember exactly what went on. All I can remember is that we have been doing the main bulk of the stage recently. It is very tough work to align the pieces exactly and get them bolted together before they move again. A lot of the work is also very low down and cramped which makes it not so easy. I’m in the process of adding loads of pictures so you should get some good ones soon. I will get some even more up-to-date ones when it stops raining – it looks great now, almost done.

We’re really working hard to ensure it gets finished on time. Even though the work is hard, there is a really great team spirit and we get on really well so it makes it much better.

Love to all,

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