Day of Rest Revisited!

Wow! Here we are again – already. Overall, it’s been an incredible week. So much has happened. I will try and fill in all the important details. On Tuesday, most of the office staff arrived and a few of the core cast members; we had the opportunity to meet them on the Wednesday. They are all really great people. I had corresponded with most of them through email previously.

I met Peggy and John Ricks – A couple of amazing people. They are doing an amazing job to co-ordinate the entire pageant. Johns main task, among others is to look after the work crew! Not a task many people would jump at the chance to do! We’re a great bunch really. Trying to get us to lesson on time is a different matter. I also met Linda Gee, another of the cast (and crew) coordinators. She was so nice to us all and gave us a hug. It must have been the first since leaving home! I also finally met Stephen Breinholt who plays Robert Laird in the show. Robert moved over the the US from Scotland after his wife heard the missionaries. They settle in Nauvoo throughout the show and Robert warms to the Gospel. He is enthusiastic with building the Temple because he recently lost his son and has recently learned about temple ordinances that enable his family to be together forever.

I haven’t added much to this post because I want to write about recent events. Hope this is ok!


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