Matt is Mush Once More

There we have it. The temperature and humidity was extreme today and I had become mush again. That was until it cooled down in the evening and I set again. I set just in time for the beginning of the pageant. If you can think of some more creative titles, let me know.

My last post was two days ago already and theres lots to tell. Tuesday was also fairly un-busy so we got some much needed rest. The most extreme think we had to do that day was drag 12 porta loos (for my American readers: porta-potties) about 30m (something feet). The thing is it would have been ok if the weather had stayed the same. As soon as we got started, the sun burst out of the clouds with such force it knocked us all over. Come to think of it, it wasn’t really quite that bad but it was still horrible. They were already full of the blue fluid and so were rather heavy. I don’t think I’ve sweated so much in all my life! I don’t know what the temperature was but it was way too hot to move porta whatevers. Fortunately we did live to tell the tale.

At the beginning my time in Nauvoo, I thought I’d make great use of the video camera my sister has let me borrow (so kindly). I had the idea that we should make a set of questions and go around and interview people about their time in Nauvoo. I got so mixed up in the work that I completely forgot about it until now. I rememberd around 10 minutes (10 minutes for my American readers) before I needed to be down on the pageant site. I quickly wrote down some questions on a big piece of card. I don’t have it with me right now so I’ll have to try and remember them:

1. Name?
2. Hometown?
3. Role in the Pageant?
4. Favourite (Favorite for my American readers) thing about Nauvoo?
5. Favorite food?
6. How did you hear about the Pageant?

I think that’s it and in the right order. I’m sure there are 6. After writing them down, I got me a ‘correspondant’ and a que card holder and we were set to go. Jared was the correspondant and Randy was the que card holder. We also wanted a microphone just for show. Jared and I scoured the JSA for a spare one that wouldn’t be missed for a couple of hours but we couldn’t find one and eventually had to go down to the site. We went over to the sound desk to speak to TC. He’s a very pleasant guy to work with. He found us a mic and said we could use it at any time. We started by interviewing people we already new. The first few interviews were so hilarious I could hardly keep the camera still for laughing. I can’t wait to show you them.
After a few funny interviews, we interviewed someone from the Pageant security team. We already knew him but not as well as eachother. He gave some great responses and Jared was still really funny. After a couple more interviews, we went over to the area in front of the stage and found the Pageant President – President Renof (I’ll have to check on the spelling). He was also willing to let us interview him. I think it was really nice considering how busy he is. Again, I look forward to showing you the clip.

Tuesdays performance was just great. Everything under the stage went well anyway. I don’t know about everything else because I couldn’t see it but I didn’t hear about anything going wrong.

That’s all I can remember about Tueday.

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