Now that’s a title! I can’t remember much about what happened on Wednesday either because so much has happened since. I made a few notes but I should have made more. If I could, I’d videotape all important events during the day and make notes on them later.

I can’t remember what time Wednesday started for the sleep work crew but after brekky, we went straight down to the Grove for our morning district meetings. I took care of the meeting today. Today, 12th July 2006 is 163 years since a revelation was given through Joseph smith the Prophet at Nauvoo, Illinois. I spent the lesson discussing the scripture and the importance of marriage and the family. It went great appart from running out of time.

After the district meetings, we went over to the stage to practice. Again, I was under the stage. I really enjoy it down there because of the team spirit there is there. It wouldn’t be as enjoyable without it. The morning went quick and lunchtime was soon upon us. I feel so sorry for the cast. They are out in the blazing heat while the work crew responsible for moving the stage hide underneath in the shade. They do an amazing job and they do it so well. After lunch, we had to move some tables for a dinner that was going to take place in the Grove for members of the local community. This didn’t take too long and then we were able to have free time to do laundry, contact home or sleep! I didn’t get chance to sleep. Theres just too much to do.

After dinner, we were back on the pre-show field and interviewing people once more. We have a collection of approximately 14 interviews now. It’s going really well and the word is going round that were doing it. The performance was just great again. We managed to lower the temple with the best accuracy yet. It went down straight and without a bang. After the performance and cleanup, around 12 of us gathered in front of the temple to sing together. It was so incredibly nice to be able to look up at the temple and sing our favourite hymns. The spirit was very very strong there and none of us wanted to leave. It ended up being 12:30am by the time we managed to depart and get some sleep. We hope we can do it again soon. It was a special and first time experience.

Yesterday, a number of local rooms were plastered with hearts and decorations with a portion of sweets (candy) laid out for each occupant of the room. I thought this was a great idea except for one thing: My room didn’t get hit! Well, today, David assumed ‘they’would come back and finish off what ‘they’ had started. He set up his camera through a series of mirrors to snap a picture of their face as they entered the room. I was really impressed, it didn’t take him too long. The snapper mechanism was great too. He set it up with some thin ribbon. The main piece was mostly cut so when the door was opened, it would break the rest of the way. When it breaks, a bolt attache to the ribbon would fall down a guide and onto the capture button. It looked great and he was confident it would work.

When I got back after the performance, David had been back around 10 mins and had had time to look at the trap. He came over to me and said that it had been set off and the room had been hit. I was really thrilled! He said the camera had been set off aswell. We’re now all waiting to get it developed so we can find out who it is. I suspect the office staff but I’m not sure. I have contacts. I’ll let you know the outcome.


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