And now for something completely different…

Well, I’m going to skip most of today becase it was very similar to other days for the most part. The main difference was in the evening during the performance. We started with pre-show and managed to get some more interviews. Some funny, some more serious. After pre-show and just getting ready to start the show, storm clouds were closing in fast. Some even saw lightning but I didn’t. Throughout most of the show, the clouds got closer and the lightning intensified. I wonder what the guys in the 60ft steel towers must have been thinking. (For those with concerns, had the lightning been closer, the lighting crew would have been straight back down on firm ground.)

To my amazement, the storms(s) didn’t reach us until the very end of the show. I know the Lord was part of this. We packed everything up in record time and as we gathered the last few things the heavens opened. All we needed was a bottle of shampoo. We ran around and gathered the last few things and made sure no-one else was left behind. I was just amazed that it was so close for so long without going right over us. I know for sure that the rain was held back until the guests had left and the essential props had been put away.

What we witnesses was truly a miracle. A couple of us were talking in one of the rooms when John Ricks came in and took a seat. He asked us if we had realised how much had happened to make this a miracle. I, along with others said no. He said that the weather had been monitored live throughout the entire performance. When the temple structure and spire went up on the set, he said the part of the storm heading for us stopped right in its tracks. The rest of the storm carried on. The storm had stopped above Fort Madison. I’m not sure where that is in relation to Nauvoo but I know it’s close. As soon as both the temple structure and the spire were lowered, the storm continued to head straight forward. I just find that fantastic and am so glad he shared it with us.

If I find I’ve missed any crucial details, I’ll add them later. I need to get to bed.

Miss you all,

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