3,456,000 seconds

Back again. It’s been ages since my last proper post. Thanks to all those who have continued to check though. In recent news, we’ve had plenty more storms and not one has stopped the pageant yet. There was another that let loose as soon as we’d packed away all the props.

There was one storm a few weeks ago that stopped a monday evening dress rehersal. I will upload some pictures as soon as I can. I have some video to show aswell. This was the biggest storm I had ever seen. The edge of it was here in Nauvoo and the centre of it was miles and miles away on the other side of the Mississippi. There were the strangest looking cloud formations ever. They looked like large cotton wool balls hanging out of the sky. If you get the underside of a flat surface wet and hold it up, you can see the water droplets hanging down ready to drop. They looked a lot like that. The storm took a long long time to approach and finally arrived while we were having our district meetings with the newly arrived cast. I was in an underground room and missed the best bits! It was the first electrical storm I had seen that was so powerful that the static made peoples hair stand on end – I have photo evidence for that too.

Still on the subject of storms, the work crew has decided that a certain one was heaven sent. Yesterday morning (Wednesday) there was a powerful thunderstorm so the morning rehersal couldn’t go on. After getting up and going to breakfast, it was established that the work crew could have the morning off! It was a real treat – honest. I had only had around 5 hours sleep in the night and so I had over 3 hours to make up for it. I felt so refreshed. Unfortunately it was canceled out by another late night and early morning.

Yesterday we also had another visitor – Elder Dallin H. Oaks from the Quorum of the Twelve. As mentioned in the caption of the picture, he is an extremely busy man. Despite that fact, he managed to take the time to come backstage, greet all the work crew and have a group photo taken. It has come out really really nice.

For now, thats all the news I can remember in my sleepy mind. I will make another commitment to write tomorrow, how great or small the post. The more often I write, the more I can remember.

Finally, it’s my 18th birthday tomorrow! It’s certainly going to be strange being away from home for it. I’ll be spending my entire afternoon on the phone aswell.

Remember – ask questions! That’ll help me keep the blog interesting and informative.


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