Accepted for the 2007 Nauvoo Pageant

It’s been way too long since my last update! Things are still going great at work as well. I’ve recently returned from an amazing visit to Salt Lake City – there was so much to do in so little time. It was great to see so many people I worked with in Nauvoo including Bonnie, Peggy, Linda, Steve, Blake, Jay, Mike, David, other Steve, and TC to name a few. I also managed to see a few of the work crew guys (And some people from the cast!!!!!!!!!) but didn’t have time to see everyone. Especially the one who just HAS to be awkward and live all the way over in Texas mentioning no names (JARED!!!). We’ll just have to get re-acquainted this year – especially over a meal at Hotel Nauvoo.

The result of emptying a 21,000 seat conference centre.

During our visit we were able to attend several General Conference sessions in the Conference Centre (Center for all my American associates) which was truly amazing. It’s still great to see it in your local stake centre (center) but it’s extra special to actually be there. We also had the opportunity to do a baptism session in the Salt Lake Temple. Towards the end of our holiday, we went south to Escalante where we stayed at our friends cabin for four days. In short, it was absolute bliss – there were 100 acres of land in total to explore which was totally untamed, just stuff growing everywhere. At night, it went so dark it was like being in a cave. You could hardly see your hand if you put it right up to your face. It was also immensely quiet, there just wasn’t any noise. It made such a nice change. At home, even at 2am you can hear the low rumble of cars going down nearby roads.

Where we stayed. Three of us slept in another separate cabin about 20 feet from this main one. This was a perfect setup - we could make as much noise as we wanted before we went to sleep and we weren't disturbed by any early risers in the main cabin.

Little rocket - parachute failed to open - hilarious results.

Big rocket slipping from the grasp of gravity for a few moments.

I’ll upload some more pictures to the main photo section, I can keep them more organized there. There’s all sorts I could tell you about the trip, I’ll add more as I decide how to present it.

As the title of this post suggests, I’ve been accepted on to the 2007 Nauvoo Pageant Work Crew. I can’t wait! It’ll be great to work with my ‘old’ crew members and get to know the new ones (including my brother!).

More soon…

Matt Midgley

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