Retake: Accepted for the 2007 Nauvoo Pageant

I don’t think I did the last post justice, I talked more about the holiday than the acceptance to the work crew. I’ll try again: Last year was unbelievable; the people we met and worked with were amazing, the work we did was amazing and the friendships we made will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to do the same again. There are a few things I’m glad I have a second chance at as well – e.g.. on a few of the jobs we were given I didn’t put in 100% effort; I want to make sure I do this time.

I also look forward to working with many of the people I did last year – especially returning members of the work crew. Some of the experiences we had are just impossible to describe – the ones where you just had to be there to understand the meaning fully. Text/words/audio/video don’t quite do some experiences justice.

As for those who are unable to return for whatever reason, wether on the cast/crew/other volunteer I wish you well. I hope you never forget the experience you had. Hardly a day has gone by where I haven’t talked or thought about my experiences. There is a high chance this will be my last visit for some time; I will be on my Mission for the next two years and it’ll have just finished until 2010 so I won’t see it until at very least then. However, I could be doing anything in 2010 wether it’s airline pilot training or another job to do with computers. We’ll soon see.

Matt Midgley

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