Finally Arrived

After more than 27 hours of traveling we finally arrived in Nauvoo. It all started in Manchester with security – we were standing in line for over an hour which was rather boring. After security, we wait and wait and wait for our plane to be assigned to a gate. When it finally is, there is a 35 minute delay on top. Apart from that, Manchester to Philadelphia was great.

Things then took a turn for the worst! Immigration took 1hr 30mins and it seemed to drag on forever. Fortunately, we weren’t completely grilled about a 6 week stay in the US because sometimes they can be pretty awkward! After that, we were just in time to make our connection to St. Louis – no such luck. We dropped all the bags off for the connection and then went to see which gate we had been assigned.

St. Louis – 4:25 –¬†Canceled

Ah, great! Just after we’d dropped off the bags as well. Time to go back to the check-in desk. To cut a long story short, we were given reserve tickets for the 8:05 flight meaning we weren’t even guaranteed to get on. Then followed a 6 hour wait involving the consumption of pizza and cookie dough ice cream.

To cut another long story short, we only just made the 8:05 flight. Only two other people boarded after us. After a nice short flight including awesomely incredible fantastic views of thunder storms we arrived in St. Louis and met the McCandless’s. It was sooooooooooo good to see a friendly face after such a long day. They were so great to wait so long! We then had the 3 hour drive to Nauvoo. I managed to nod off a few times but not for long enough. Finally, we arrived in Nauvoo at 3am (9am 27th June England). That’s a long time considering we left home at 6am (26th June England)!

I then slept for 3 hours and woke up to numerous alarm clocks. For those of you who know me well, you know I don’t do very well on 6 hours sleep, never mind 3. It’s now nearly 10:30pm and I’m still going. I can’t believe it, I have no idea how it’s happened. Today I’ve been working with Steve Wall down at the Pageant site bolting staircases to the stage and wirebrushing rust off all the framework and repainting it. It doesn’t sound like much but it was a huge job. There’s still loads more to do tomorrow.

It’s been so great to meet and work with people I did last year!

That’s a short summary of today (oh yeah, Ed’s suitcase turned up just over an hour ago). I’ll add any important details I missed as I remember them. I’ve got some photos for you as well.

That’s all for now!

When trying to remove this bolt, we just twisted the head right off it, I didn't know we were that strong!

Steve welding the new support on. The one with the broken bolt didn't work any more (to put it short!).

Me with a big fat cable and that's Tyler.

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