Day Two

What an creative title! I couldn’t think of anything else. I woke up to the sound of an alarm clock (not mine); waited for it to stop and then went back to sleep. A very short while later it went off again but others woke up so I forced myself to stay awake. I didn’t feel too bad considering how little sleep I’d had.

I grabbed a nice cool shower and then made my way down to breakfast. This morning I had Frosties (no, I’m not advertising) and chocolate milk. After brekky I checked my emails and then made my way down to the site. We continued where we left off yesterday by sanding down all the rusted metal and then repainting it. This took most of the morning, there’s a lot of rust. After that, I moved on to sanding down the top part of the stage so people didn’t trip over it. I was doing this for almost an hour when lunch came around. I can’t remember what I had for lunch but it was very nice and wasn’t cereal. I also had a dose of chocolate milk.

After lunch we had are daily work crew lesson. Tyler gave it today and it was great. After the lesson it was back down to the site to continue my sanding.

There we go! Looks a little messy because parts are burnt (it smelled great and looked cool though!). We then painted over it to make it look a bit better.

After the sanding, I moved on to general stage repairs. This involved changing hinges (you can see two of them in the sanding picture) and screwing down any of the loose boards and other general work to improve the presentation of the stage. Dinner came around real soon, I don’t know how the time went.

Earlier today we learned that we would be needed down at the site because there was going to be a rehearsal. After dinner, we went down to the site and finished clearing up and got ready under the stage to move the pieces when the cues were given. The cues were given from Kay to me and then I relayed them to the rest of the group. This became much easier when the AV guys found us some wireless headsets.

Most of the guys working under the stage (including Ed) didn’t know how to unlock, move and lock the stage pieces so we had to train them fast. It was a full rehearsal with core cast only but they wanted all the stage pieces moving and we hadn’t had time to practice. Everyone worked together and learned incredibly fast. Everything turned out great.

At the end everyone thanked us for our efforts and commented on our dedication and enthusiasm – this was really nice. They really made us feel appreciated and part of the pageant. It’s quite hard to put in to words really.

That just about sums up today. I’ve mentioned the most important things. Guess what I’m going to say next – if I’ve forgotten anything important, I’ll add it later.

Hello to all!

Our nice new paint job.

Starting to put up the lights.

Lumberjack or lighting guy?

HAHAHA! Smokey.

A cool action shot of Jake sanding some more wood.

A cricket bat? A baseball bat? Some kind of bat anyway. Yes, it's inside, on a table, clinging to my bag. It's probably still there now.

A stunning view of the Nauvoo temple.

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