This afternoon, Ed and I were waiting at the side of a road for the work crew supervisor to come and pick us up to carry on with a job. Behind us, across the cornfield and into the distance were some huge black clouds and we could already hear the rumbling. Within 20 minutes the storm was on us and the winds picked up as if with a flick of a switch.

Realizing it was going to get worse before it got better, we ran back over the pre-show field towards the stage. Soon after we got there the rain started and we were running all over the place putting all the props into the shipping containers backstage. The rain started coming down so hard it was heavier than having a shower. Soon after all the props were away, it started to subside. Fortunately only a few props got mildly damp.

Only 40 minutes later while everything was still dripping, we started the temple structure rehearsal. It’s the job of the crew to lower the temple structure at the end of the show and it requires a lot of effort and coordination. The stage manager selected 6 cast members to work with us under the stage while taking down the temple structure because we didn’t have enough crew members to do it. We took the temple up and down about 4 times and decided we’d cracked it. It’s great that we’ve been sent such a dedicated team of cast members.

I haven’t written about it yet but on Saturday night a great friend and under-stage manager was watching the performance as he would be leaving the following morning. Everything didn’t go quite according to plan and we were very disappointed. That’s mostly why we’ve had some cast members assigned to us and we had the practice session.

At the end of tonights show the temple went down without the slightest hitch, it was totally amazing. I know for sure the faith, prayers, practice and dedication all contributed to tonights success.

That’s all for now, I must sleep.


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