Sooooooo Cold

I haven’t spoken much about the weather yet – that’s because it hasn’t done much. At the moment it’s unseasonably freezing! Today was especially cool – probably as cool as England. I won’t complain because it makes it much easier to work.

Not a great deal has happened today, we started off by sorting out the props and moving rocks! After that, we had our district meetings and then started a full run through. The run through went great with only a few minor problems. Afterwards, we put the temple structure back down, reset the props and went to lunch. By this point, I was unexplainably tired, I was at risk of starting snapping (getting cranky (for the Americans) at people. I threw some lunch down my neck which included broccoli soup, crackers, frosties (frosted flakes), chocolate brownie, chocolate milk and lemonade.

After lunch, I crawled upstairs to collect my books for the lesson and then went back down to actually attend the lesson. It was great today – we had one of the core cast members visit and share a message with us which was really, really great.

After the lesson, we were permitted an afternoon nap – a miracle in itself. I managed to sleep from 2-5pm. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

The performance tonight went really well and the temple structure went down without the slightest hitch – 3rd time in a row.

Now, time for a few pictures. Let’s see what I can find…

Here we go! The much talked about temple structure (without the fabric front on ) with the real temple in the background.

Temple structure from backstage.

Temple structure with the front on but without the tower.

What's in the trunk?


What happened here? It's not too hard to work out. Video coming soon.

That’s all for now! Do let me know if you have any questions.


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