Day Something (Half Way Ish)

Hi All, today is half way ish. It might actually be exactly half way but it’s 00:20 so I’m not going to work it out.

Today has been cool, there was a huge storm this morning. We were down at the site and had finally got the props out and got a few other things ready when the nice blue sky was already starting to turn gray. It turned really fast and there were clouds moving in all directions, at one point it looked like a funnel was forming – I’ll show you the video.

We dragged the props inside as fast as we could, took care of a few other things and then went back up to the JSA (Joseph Smith Academy). I took the opportunity to get some washing done and managed to make a few calls as well.

After a couple of hours the rain stopped and we were back at the site digging ditches to drain under the stage. Once we’d dug the ditches we needed to pump the water further away. That went great at the start but the filters got clogged really easily. Eric, a good friend and wireless comms technician was working on one of the pumps and needed to test it. Just as he plugged it in I walked right in front of him and saw a big cloud of brown coming towards me. I thought ‘Hmm that’s not right’ and then it was in my face and all down my front. Here is the result:

It's a good job I wasn't too tired. Otherwise it could have been disastrous.

In the evening we had a great performance that went really really well. We’ve also got new wireless headsets so there’s much less annoyance without all the static in your ear for 1hr 20mins.

That’s all for now, I’m really tired and I have a runny nose. Goodnight!

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