Goodbye Set-up Crew

A rather tough day today – time to say goodbye to the setup crew. I’ve met and worked with some amazing people who have supported me, uplifted me, inspired me and taught me. Something we’ve said a lot recently (those who are on the crew or work closely with the crew will laugh at this) – unbelievable! It really is all I can say. The fact that we all ended up in the same place at the same time and had such an incredible experience isn’t coincidence. I’m so grateful to have associated with such fine people.

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to meet with Elder Perry from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles which was absolutely fantastic. The following photos are Copyright © 2007 R.Lawrence Porter and used with permission.

Ed meeting Elder Perry with me looking absolutely terrible in the background. Next (ish) to me is Jared the Texan.

Me meeting Elder Perry with nothing absolutely terrible in the background.

Both the setup and strike crew with John Ricks and the work crew supervisor Lemuel Leavitt with Elder Perry and his wife.

And now a couple of photos by me:

A big juicy dragonfly that was originally on my back.

The Nauvoo Brass Band at the pageant site. They are absolutely fantastically amazing. I could listen to them all day. Today I challenged them to play Mexican Hat for me - I'll keep you updated on that one. There'll certainly be video footage if they do.

One of the light towers with one of the many amazing Nauvoo sunsets in the background.

The rest of the week had been great, we’ve got rather wet here and there but not one of the performances has been rained off yet. Back to today, we said our goodbyes and went on our way not knowing when we’d see each other again. During the day, we did some lift cues for the yellow cast and then practised lift cues in the afternoon as we were training the new crew. That reminds me – I need to find out if vom really means vom. In the evening, we had a great performance. The new crew members did so great.

In the afternoon (going backwards here!) we had the opportunity to see the blue cast talent show. There certainly was some real talent there, most entertaining and enjoyable. Now forwards to the end of tonights performance – I was able to meet Jakes family; so nice. It was most difficult to stop talking and get back to work.

Well, that’s all for now, (you’ve had a treat today – 6 pictures!) it’s coming up to 1am. Time for bed. Remember, let me know if you have any questions.


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