Here we are at day 30 – well over half way. I can’t believe how fast it’s going. Yesterday we were able to watch the production by the core cast: Our Story Goes On… It was just as amazing as the first time I saw it. I can’t wait to see it again. In the evening, we were just minding our own business doing our jobs under the stage and then some family members turned up: Mum, Dad and younger brother. They were expected this time. After the pageant we went to Annies for frozen custard – fab again.

In other news, I have found out about vom. Vom is short for vomitorium. Here is what wikipedia says:


A popular misconception is that the Romans made use of a room called a vomitorium for the express purpose of vomiting between meals to make room for more food. Only a very small minority of the highest classes indulged in the practice of deliberately vomiting[citation needed]. A vomitorium is actually an entirely unrelated architectural feature – a passage situated below or behind a tier of seats in an amphitheatre, an exit through which the crowds could “spew out” at the end of a show. [2] [3]

Vomitoria are still found in some theatres. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, for instance, has vomitoria in two of its theatres, the outdoor Elizabethan Stage and the Angus Bowmer Theatre. The voms, as they are called, allow actors to mount the stage from passageways cut into the amphitheatre. The Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota has two permanent voms, one at stage left and one at stage right, of its thrust stage.

End wikipedia quote.

OK, so, the paragraph about the stage type of vomitorium is accurate because my stage manager says so! Our vom is in the middle of the stage, lift 2. So there we go.

Looking up the light tower.

I have a picture of our resident rabbit on Eds camera but I can’t get it off right now because I don’t have the cable. Oh well!

Right, I think that’s all for now. I’ll be back.


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