Chairs, Chairs and More Chairs

After setting out about 3000 chairs a month ago, I thought that would be the last we saw of chairs for a while. True, it has been a while but we have become re-acquainted with them once more all too soon. I’ll get to that part a little later. I don’t know what to talk about, there’s so much spread out over so much time. Hmmmmmmmm. Let’s look at some pictures and I’ll see what I can say about them.

I’ve just finished selecting the pictures and there a total of 14 so I hope you don’t get bored!

A mattress fort built by Jared. It proves that there is no such thing as growing up, only growing old! Note the red cross bag on top.

You tell me! I have no idea what it is. Something similar to a mosquito. Quite cool really. I don't know where it is now but it was in one of the coolers in a Gatorade bottle because someone challenged me to sell it on eBay (it hasn't made it there yet). I don't think it's in there any more.

ME! Something happened to a basketball and then someone cut it open to make a groovy hat.

On Saturday I was able to watch the pageant with my family. Probably the last time before I leave. I just thought this looked great and so took a picture. I'll get some pictures of the pageant but they'll take some explaining. I'll use some of Lawrences because they're sooooooooooooo much better.

Oh wait, I did choose a couple to put in. Here is the scene which is the funeral of King Follet (tallest guy, in the middle (can't really miss him with that info!)). He was working on a well when he fell down and some of the wall fell down on top of him and he died. Here he is appearing as an angel with the rest of the family to portray life after death.

A closer, clearer view.

Just to prove that I was actually busy on Sunday. Here I am in Keosauqua ready to watch 'Our Story Goes On...' after setting up the set.

Another hideous creature. What it is for I do not know.

It wasn't me, honest. No, it really wasn't. I can't remember who it was now; all I know is that it happened. Just in case you're worried, this is not mindless vandalism (although it's close) these chairs are being scrapped.

No, Jason isn't fat. This is the result of him attacking a chair.

The chair crew with some of us holding trophies. See how many there are behind us!? We moved most of those today but the scrap container was full so we'll finish them off tomorrow.

(Wiping away tears) here's Jared (sob). We've had to give him a chair leg, it's all we could do for him given the circumstances.

Just to prove that we were actually scrapping them. One escaped and was dealt with accordingly.

(Drum roll) an now ladies and gentlemen, the best picture saved for the last:

That couldn't possibly be more true. Just incase you're in my area call 878333 first. They'll be the quickest to respond.

Well, that’s all for now. Click on the pictures to see them bigger. Let me know if you have any questions. Again, apologies for the lack of response to emails. I’ll do what I can. It’s taken me all night (in between stage cues) to write this.

Bye for now,


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