Mission Call Update

Hi all, this is an email I’ve just sent out to a few people:

Hi All,

I hope I didn’t send you in to shock with the first part of the subject of this email. The update is: Peggy (an amazing person who works in the Pageant office) has been in touch with someone at Salt Lake. They have replied saying the my assignment was only just made today. This wouldn’t be mailed out until Tuesday – they asked where I would like it to be sent. It’s going to be forwarded (electronically (I hope!) to the Church offices in the UK who will mail it out from there. Providing no-one is slow, it should be at my house next week.


So, there we go. I’ve just re-read the printout of the email from the guy in Salt Lake and the call WILL be being printed at the England office and sent home from there.


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