School Finals

Well that’s it.  Ground school is done.  No more classroom hours to go.  We had our last exam debriefs today and now we’re back on study leave to prepare for the final set of Joint Aviation Regulation exams.  I’d like to say some more about ground school but I’m not going to spend time on it now.  Maybe I will when it’s all over and then I can look back on it from a different point of view.

Too much ground school is bad for anyone, this is the kind of stuff that begins to happen:

GPS & Cache #1

Today in ground school we studied GPS, a most fantastic and useful system.  Fortunately we haven’t gone into too much detail yet otherwise I’ll just lose interest!  It reminds me of the time I studied ‘Of Mice and Men’ in school; when we read the book, it was great and the same when we watched the movie.  When we started to analyse the whole thing and pick the story to pieces, I just lost interest.  I hope the same doesn’t happen with GPS.  I just think it was cool to study GPS today and use it for the first time for something completely random.

In the simplest terms possible, geocaching is a worldwide game of hide and seek.  There are caches hidden all over the world (1.2 million of them) that contain a log book and a pencil and an array of other things.  The first one that I ever found had a toy car in it.  You are supposed to locate these caches using a GPS set, write in the book and log it on  There is a whole range of difficulty levels and puzzle solving to do as well.  I don’t know exactly how all this works yet but it seems pretty fun.

The cache I found today, GC1QY29, was quite well hidden but not so much that it was too frustrating for my first attempt.  I’m going to enjoy looking for others when I have the time!