School finals, JAR Exams and Edinburgh Air Museum

It’s been so long since I last wrote, so much has happened.  School finals went well, well enough for me to sit the official aviation authority exams.  I think the JAR exams went well enough, at least six of them did.  The only one I’m not too confident about is Principles of Flight.  Results day is a week on Friday – I haven’t thought about it much, there isn’t anything I can do to change what happens now so I might as well enjoy the break and chill.

G-BOAA Flight Deck

G-BOAA Concorde Flight Deck

I’m currently in Scotland for the week as part of my two week break from ground school.  The Edinburgh air museum has a Concorde and it would be stupid to be so close and not go and see it.  It was a spectacular sight, a magnificent piece of engineering.  Unfortunately you couldn’t go in the flight deck, the picture is as close as you can get but that’s pretty close.  It’s amazing to see the differences between this one and the modern flight decks of today.

Check out that ugly snout

Check out that ugly snout.

Talking of things that fly, here’s a fly.  Rather ugly if you ask me.  I’m only really interested in things that fly because they have two jet engines bolted to them.  As you can probably tell, I’m starting to ramble.  I’ll do my best to write better in the next phase.  I’m glad to see the back of phase one, it was great but it was insanely hard work.  It requires a lot of focus and my friends will tell you, I wasn’t always focused!