Going to the MTC (Missionary Training Centre)

Hi all, it’s Matt’s sister, I am going to try and give you some info about him going to the MTC; it will not be as good as he does so I apologise in advance and hope that you enjoy my attempt.

Well we left home at about 12:20 on the 10th October 2007 to go to the MTC and we arrived around 1:35. We went to distribution and got some journals for him while he is on his mission, and then it was time to go over to the MTC. We had some pictures outside then went in. When we arrived we had lots of people to greet us. Mum was given his badge to put on, it was lovely to see. We had to get his luggage labelled and weighed and then it was taken to his room. We were taken to a room I can’t remember which. While we were in there we were shown a video about the MTC and the MTC President and his wife spoke for a couple of minutes. Then it was the hard part, it was time to say goodbye. It was hard but we all know he is doing the Lord’s work and would not want him anywhere else. Well I hope you got some thing from this and I have not made too much of a mess. This may change when he can get to a computer and wants to add or take any thing out. He will be in the MTC for 15 days so it’s not long till he will be out in Ireland doing the work. Hope you enjoyed this.


P.S. Sorry you have no pictures, I could not find out how to do it.