Last Day at Work

It’s been a while since I’ve updated – er, sorry. I still need to write about the last few days in Nauvoo, I’ll get round to it (I think). I now have 14 days or 1,209,600 seconds or 20,160 minutes or 336 hours or 2 weeks until I enter the MTC (Missionary Training Centre (Center)). 2 weeks seemed a while until someone just said 14 days. Hmmmm, I’ll miss my bed! And a few other things like my car, computer (haha what a geek!), home, village oh and family, mustn’t forget to miss them – or my friends.

Now, last day @ work. I was going to put last day of work but I’m never going to stop working – that’s when things get boring. So, it was my last day at work. For for the past 10 months (not including Nauvoo) I’ve been working as an IT Assistant for a group of small luxury hotels. This involves general end user support, server maintenance, other hardware maintenance, phone system support, Internet access and SPAM to name a few. It’s been an amazing job, very nice place to work and equally nice people to work with. There isn’t much that could persuade me to give it up – but a full time mission could.

There wasn’t much work to do – I started off by checking the SPAM reports for genuine messages being caught in the filter. From what I could see, there weren’t any in amongst the 1400 pieces of SPAM – very good. That means the system is working how it should. Whoever makes a system that won’t ever catch a genuine message will make a few $$$. Hopefully we’ll get there one day – or completely obliterate all spammers. After that there wasn’t a great deal more. I had a look at a laptop and installed a few bits of software. One being openoffice. Openoffice is an office suit very like Microsoft Office but this one is free. Interested? Check out Now I’ve finished promoting openoffice, lets move on.

The next major thing I can think of is a visit from the new general manager. He came to talk with me an the IT manager so he could get an overview of how IT is used across the business. After that, well, er yeah. Towards the end of the day, we went round the Hotel, took some pictures and said bye to people. Lets have a look at some of the pictures.

Me at my desk in the office. That's about all there is to it. There's that laptop I was talking about.

Me 'working' in the server cabinet. Of course, we can work on the servers remotely but it doesn't look as cool does it?

Yeah, I was working hard! You have to make sure the server is functioning normally in every possible way. MS Paint is one of them - I think.

Just chilling, as you do.

The weather ain't always great but it sure does make things look nice and green.

Bit of a cheesy grin on that one but the other one had rain drops on the lens and we didn't have any more of this view.

Well that’s all for now on the pictures. Don’t want to make you feel too ill. I’ll be back sooner than last time.