Busy Busy Busy

Hi All!

Just to let you know we’re really busy at the moment and so have fallen behind with emails etc. I’ll catch up ASAP. There are a few cool things to tell you like how we put out 3000 chairs and tipped a huge trailer in the process (it’s cool but not as bad as it sounds!).

We were up at 6:15am and down at the site by 7:00am. It’s now just past 11:00pm and we’ve only been back around 15 minutes.

See you soon!


Day Six – General Stuff!

I’m getting behind already! Day 4 was even more tiring than day 3, I was so, so tired I just collapsed into bed. I’m now what sure which things happened on which day so I’ll talk about day 4 and 5 at the same time.

Over the past few days we’ve been doing general maintenance on the site, only one major project worth mentioning but I’ll get to that soon. We’ve started doing some lift cues under the stage (the stage has three huge moving sections that require at least four people to unlock, move and lock again – I’ll get pictures of that when I can). We’ve built a great team under there and we work really well together.

Ed and Tyler working on one of the houses.

Among the general maintenance of the stage like fixing the handrails and screwing down loose boards, we’ve been working on the houses on stage. We’ve made sure they look good and the ones that move, we’ve made sure they move good! Yesterday, I had to make a new part for one of the ends of a house so that the fabric would attach properly. I wish I had a picture of my clinging on to the house trying to attach the fabric during one of the rehearsals!

Also yesterday, a few of use were working with props – we had to empty the props out of several shipping containers and sort them with the props directors. Here’s a picture of what it looked like when we’d got them all out:

There we go! Lots of props. It didn't actually take all that long to sort out.

The major project for yesterday was attaching a load of power sockets to the stage so the cast could plug the artificial fires in. Tyler and Jake worked really hard and got part way through but then we had to start again so we could reach the highest number of holes in the stage as possible with one cable. We got there eventually! It went so well in the end, we all got into it and wouldn’t stop until it was done. I’ll get some pictures ASAP so you know what I’m talking about. As we’d all being working so hard and we felt the socket project had been such a success we decided we deserved a pizza! At about 9:15 we got the all clear from the stage manager to leave the site. We wasted no time and went straight for it! 30 minutes later, the pizzas were utterly destroyed by the 5 of us.

Now we’re up-to-date. Today is Sunday – the best day of the week. We don’t work on Sundays so we get time to rest and see the sights of historic Nauvoo. Today we saw The Homestead, The Mansion House, The Nauvoo House and the Red Brick Store. I’ve only got pictures of the outside as we weren’t allowed to take them inside.

That’s all for now!

Myself, Jake, Ed and Tyler.

The Nauvoo House.

Lots of people! There a mix of the work crew, Jays family and more so I can't name them all.