Last Few Days in Nauvoo

A lot of time has passed since I got back from Nauvoo, I can still remember everything really well and I hope I continue to forever! I finally got some pictures printed as well. I prefer having printouts instead of just seeing them on screen.

As you know, some family members turned up in Nauvoo to visit me. It was fantastic to be able to show them everything I’d seen and introduce them to all my friends. Over the week, we were able to spend plenty of time together and even managed to slip in a visit of Arbys. I think it was four years since I’d had some curly fries. It was well worth the 30 miles we traveled to get there! I forgot to mention that on the first day my family arrived, the work crew had a temple session booked around lunchtime. It was really great because my family members were able to join us in the Temple. It was a very special and enjoyable experience.

Here's a picture of me with my Dad and sister. I look quite funny on it because I was trying not to blink or smile excessively and ended up with a mixture of both. The sun was so intensely bright and I didn't have my sunglasses with me so I was being blinded while trying to keep a straight face and make a decent picture.

My family and I were able to spend lots of time together thanks to my fellow crew members and crew leaders. The time then came for goodbyes. It was quite hard even though I would be following them home in a few days time. I am so grateful for their visit, now someone else will know what I’m talking about. Stories, pictures and video clips are great for telling someone about something but they’re nothing compared to the real thing – especially when talking about Nauvoo.

Well, there we have it – my last post on my trip to Nauvoo (unless I remember any major events that I want to fill in). I’ll now update you with some current things!

Matt Midgley

Applied for the 2007 Nauvoo Pageant

As the title of this post suggests, I’ve sent in my application for the 2007 Nauvoo Pageant and yes, I’ve applied for the work crew again. It’s my last chance to go before my mission so I’m going to take it. After my mission, I could be up to anything so I may not get the opportunity when I get back. After my mission, I plan to go into pilot training at Oxford Aviation Training; this could either be shortly after my mission or even years after. It all depends on a few factors.

That’s all there is to say – I’ll let you know when I hear anything.

What Happened After Nauvoo?

I’ve finally got myself in gear and got round to updating this post. Short answer, a lot has happened! Only ten days after returning from Nauvoo I left home again – this time it was over to Manchester for the first EFY the UK has ever seen. At first I thought urgh, why do I want to go to EFY? I was just in one of those moods. I won’t go into detail, but EFY was absolutely fantastic. I was so glad to be a part of it. One of the best part of it was the fact that the group leaders were so highly motivated and determined to make it enjoyable for us. It rubbed off on us very quickly and a great time was had by all. There were also a few great spiritual experiences such as the testimony meetings and singing the EFY medley.

After EFY it was back home again – time to start job hunting. Job hunting took some time. Inbetween, I did jobs for my Dad and continued my computer repair work. In total, I managed to use up two precious months of my life – I didn’t achieve much, just kept searching and doing odd-jobs.

Finally, one afternoon whilst job hunting, I found the perfect job. The position was for an IT Assistant (computer/network technician guy) at a local four star hotel – I knew where the hotel was and what it was like so I got in touch with them straight away. I was informed that an application form would be sent to me. Sure enough, one was and it turned up only two day later. Still excited about the new job, I filled it in and took it to the hotel in person. As I pulled up in the carpark someone came out to greet me – how pleasant. On the way in we talked about the weather!

Once inside, I handed over the paperwork and was told that it would be sent to the right place. That’s that! A few weeks down the line, I got a call from the IT Manager saying he’d like me to go for an interview. Of course, I accepted and it was arranged for the following Tuesday. Slowly but surely, Tuesday came around and it was time to get ready for the interview. I was rather nervous all the way there but upon arrival, I was a little more at ease, especially when I was greeted in the carpark again. I told the receptionist why I was there and was invited to take a seat. A few minutes later the IT manager came into reception and greeted me. We then went off to one of the lounges for the interview.

Again, I wont go into great detail but the interview went really well. I also got on well with the IT Manager (Mr H). Mr H thanked me for coming and told me that I would hear the results in a weeks (roughly, can’t remember it was so long ago now) time. The set date arrived but by lunch time I hadn’t heard anything so I called my Pop (Dad) for advice. He said just to call them. I’d thought about it earlier but didn’t want to sound like I was pestering. I took his advice and called.

Mr H: Oh, haven’t you heard?

Me: Nope

Mr H: Oh right, I’ll call you back in a minute, don’t move from the phone.

Me: OK, thanks. Bye

(Nervous pacing up and down the hallway)

Phone: Ring Ring

Mr H: Hello Matthew, I’m pleased to tell you that we’d like to offer you the job.

Me: Brilliant! Fantastic! Thanks very much.

Mr H: You’ll be starting in two weeks time………..

A little later, the conversation ended! I was sooooooooooooooo pleased. It was exactly what I had been looking for, and now I had it. I quickly called numerous people to tell them the news.

A few weeks later, I started the job. It got off to a bit of a slow start, but as I got to know everyone things picked up really well. Things are still going really really well nearly 3 months down the line. I’ll start posting more regularly so you can find out what I get up to in my job.

That’s all for now!